The Councils on Chiropractic
 Education International


Worldwide Quality Assurance for Chiropractic Education

The Councils on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI) is an organization of chiropractic accrediting bodies worldwide.  CCEI is committed to excellence in chiropractic education through emphasis on quality in its International Chiropractic Accreditation Standards, and by aiding in the development and recognition of new accrediting bodies in geographic regions where such agencies are not currently recognized. 


CCEI provides accreditation services through its assigned member organizations to chiropractic educational entities situated in areas not currently served by a CCEI member agency.  Accreditation agency actions and status designations for chiropractic educational entities that award equivalent degrees are mutually endorsed on the basis of membership in CCEI.


CCEI is committed to:

Define international educational standards and ensure their adoption and maintenance by accrediting agencies worldwide;


Define the process of accreditation and ensure appropriate

implementation and administration of the process by

accrediting agencies worldwide;


Establish and maintain a process for verifying equivalence of the educational standards and accreditation processes utilized by CCEI member accrediting agencies worldwide;


Assist and provide guidance for the development of accrediting

agencies toward their full autonomy and membership in CCEI;


Promote continuous improvement of international educational

standards, recognizing educational, cultural and legislative

diversity in various countries and regions; and,


Advocate quality education through the dissemination and

promotion of information to governments, professional

organizations and others.


Membership in CCEI is open to agencies organized to accredit chiropractic education that meet all requirements for CCEI recognition and are committed to ongoing compliance with the responsibilities of membership as stated in the CCEI Articles and Bylaws.