CCEI Bylaws

The Bylaws provide information about the organization and operation of CCEI. 

The International Framework for Chiropractic Education and Accreditation

To assure the highest possible quality in chiropractic education programs, responsible accrediting agencies must assess the eligibility and performance of students, the qualifications of academic and clinical staff, the soundness of instruction and the suitability of the learning environment. As members of an international body established to promote and assure high standards for chiropractic education by recognizing accrediting bodies that adhere to rigorous standards, CCEI member agencies must employ all components of this international framework as the minimum basis for accreditation of chiropractic education programmes.

The mapping exercise aims to verify that member agencies employ all components of the Framework and to identify any areas for changes or improvement within the Framework.

CCEI Policies

The CCEI policies provide information on the operational procedures used by CCEI.